Start bidding with Baltic Auction Group online auctions

Online bidding platform

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This is the short guide to help you start bidding on Baltic Auction Group online bidding platform. To find information about our traditional auction please visit the traditional Baltic Auction Group auction site.
Our online bidding platform offers you an unique customer friendly experience. The auction type is Proxy bidding.

Step #1: Registration & Verification

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First step is to register on our website and send your verification documents at

To register on our website fill the registration form with authentic information. Please consider that:

  • Your registration name must exactly match the full name printed on your ID documents
  • You must enter your valid and active e-mail address. The confirmation link will be send to your e-mail address.
  • The address information is optional. Each time the auction ends, you will be able to select the shipping address for this specific auction.

After you have accomplished the registration you can enter your account area, see all past auctions and proceed with verification. Please remember that you can’t bid at our auction before your profile got approved!

To proceed with verification you need to send us ( an e-mail with your ID documents from your registration e-mail address. After your ID documents are received, our team will approve you to the auction.

The list of documents:

  1.  Your bank IBAN or your bank name and your account number.
  2. One of the following documents:
    • Passport
    • Driving license
    • ID card

Step #2: Maximum Bid Amount Enlargement

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For the better and safer customer experience the maximum bid amount limitation is set. You can make an unlimited number of bids, but the sum of all of your leading highest bids is restrained. The default maximum bid amount for new users is set to 1000€ and is automatically increased each time you successfully proceed with payment after the auction has ended.

However if you are willing to increase your maximum bid amount in your first auction, you can call us and negotiate the particular terms.

Step #3: Bidding

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Each auction is published 2-3 weeks before the opening. During this period you can consult the auction catalogue, add items to your favorites and request condition reports, additional images or additional information concerning each particular item. The bids are accepted only after the opening. All information about the auction is available on the Current Auction page.

Auction opens at the specified time and remains open for 3-5 days. During this period you can consult the auction catalogue and place bids.

Step #4: Payment and Shipping

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